Hello friend,

My name is Amber Frances. I have been working with clay for the past eight years. Four of those years I spent teaching both kids and adult everything I know about clay. Since then, I have been inspired to go back to the beginning of the process, and work with clay I dig and process myself. 

What I make is formed by an interest in permanence and impermanence, past and present. There is the present moment and the memory of that moment. With clay there is a record keeping; a pot records both the hands of the maker and the earth that it came from. Various surface techniques capture my fingerprints, brushstrokes record a moment of movement, and a pot continues to hold the smoke from a pit firing. In the moments of creation, vessels and forms are fluid objects. Later they become stone. The functionality of the pots I make continue this act of creation. Time and use becomes a glaze over all of the pieces.  

I love the earth, and seek to make objects that connect their user back to it. 


Amber Frances